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Dana Richardson

Cat Hedlund
city Toronto - Canada
model Cat Hedlund
Cat Hedlund
photographer Dana Richardson
Dana Richardson

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Every once in a while models find themselves in situations where they feel comfortable
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Print Version

20 pages
US Letter 8.25"x10.75"
Saddle Stitch Binding
Cat Hedlund - American Beauty book

Digital Version

20 pages
PDF 2550 x 3300 px
Cat Hedlund - American Beauty digital

and enjoy your digital editorial
version with its 20 pages on your PC, Mac, Linux, smartphone and tablet devices

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About 🙎Cat Hedlund
📸/Studio @helcatstudios

What Cat Hedlund 'says' on Instagram:
"A selfie from before things got shitty."
"New set. Link in bio."
"Mixing with daylight. • • Catch this set on my premiums =^.^="
"Finally the rebel girl becomes a triumph girl. Brought home this beautiful speedmaster today 😍 • • Thanks to @quakercitymotorsportllc for making this super easy 🤩"
"Happy (ish) birthday to me 🎉"
"The look of loathing I have for this platform s crop ratio. • • 📸 @johnfcooperphotography Taken at my @helcatstudios"
"I just steal this guy s light ideas • • 📸 @johnfcooperphotography Thanks for always teaching me things!!! 💜🖤💜"
"Like i said John teaches me thingss. • • Posting this set as soon as I m done entertaining my sister while she s driving"
"*Activate bike hermit mode*"

About 📷Dana Richardson
dana richardson aka dnurv.
the consummate dabbler.
toronto based shooter of nudes since 1998.
currently social distancing in the six

What Dana Richardson 'says' on Instagram:
" #nude #allrightsreserved #dana #nurvproductions #prague #czech #czechmodel #nude #niczricpic"
" #lucie"
" all rights reserved dana richardson #praha🇨🇿 #czechrepublic #nude #bath #bubeneč #niczricpic"
" #nici #prague #bubeneč #nude #bath #allrightsreserved #chucks"
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