An Evening in Hosiery      

Ronald Segers Jr
Keira Grant - An Evening in Hosiery cover - Tommy Nude Art Magazine

Keira Grant
Long Island City - United States

model Keira Grant
Keira Grant
photographer Ronald Segers Jr
Ronald Segers Jr


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model Keira Grant Keira Grant Model's activities on social networks:

"From “forever ago” = 14 years ago with @highstreetpictures"
"Arty pose with parasol on a palette of yellow by @nurulamin4872"
"I just got back some badass photos from my photoshoot with @vandyphotography @vandyyoga2 and if you want to make art together this spring and summer, reach out! I’m traveling a lot! Upcoming travel! May 3- 5, 9, 15 - 19: Houston, TX (with photoshoot location) May 6 – 8: Dallas, TX May 11 – 14: San Antonio, Austin, TX (with photoshoot location) May 21-June 19: Raleigh, NC June: possible Asheville trip. June 19 – 20: Richmond/Charlottesville, VA June 21 - 24: DC June 25-26: Harrisburg June 26 - 28: Philadelphia, PA (raccoon creek creative studio) June 28 - July 4: NYC July 5 - 7: Connecticut July 8 - 12: Boston, MA, Rhode Island July 13 - 14: Albany, NY July 15 - 20: Pittsburgh, PA July 22- August 1: Raleigh, NC August 2 – 5: Portland, OR August 6 – 13: Bay Area, California August 13-14: Seattle August 19 – 22: Minneapolis, MN Aug 24 - 28: Muses of the West – Outdoors small group tour August 24, 31: Denver, CO"
"Have a Sunny Side Up Sunday :) These are imposter “eggs” from a hotel continental breakfast but real eggs make for a wonderful healthy start to your day. I eat eggs almost every morning. :) #healthtips #eggsarehealthy #eggcellent #breakfastfood photo by @notandynotdrew and edited with permission"
"This photo was taken in a basic hotel room. Would you know that if I hadn’t told you? Nope. Anywhere with a little bit of good light can become a great place to take photos. Photo by @notandynotdrew edited by me with permission."
"@egprophoto takes the best fitness photos! I’m headed to Texas today and my schedule is pretty busy but I still have a little time in all of the cities to make badass art with you!"
"Cereal Box dress! A memory from when my imagination (and cereal boxes) were my daily companions during the pandemic. :) creativity for the win!"
"Just my face. Photographed by @folome"
"Photo by @jerry.johnson.35574406 #enchantedforest #magical #art #blackandwhitephotography"

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