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Ceriz Vodka - Nude And CubeCeriz Vodka - Nude And CubeCeriz Vodka - Nude And Cube

Nude And Cube

Ceriz Vodka photographed by Workshop Nu & Beauté

Ceriz Vodka is a young tattooed model who is used to posing regularly in France for magazines, for private sessions and for workshops.
It was during a workshop that she perfectly illustrated herself in a new genre for her, naked on a studio cube.

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Margot - Amazing GraceMargot - Amazing GraceMargot - Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace

Margot photographed by XStyleBeauties

EN → How not to be amazed by the beauty of the Margot. With the grace of an angel, velvet eyes for the most sensual look.
Make up by the talented makeup artist Mai Le, she is breathtaking under the studio lights.

FR → Comment ne pas être émerveillé par la beauté de la Margot. Avec la grâce d'un ange, des yeux de velours pour regard des plus sensuelles.
Maquillée par la talentueuse maquilleuse Mai Le, elle est époustouflante sous les lumières de studio.

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Anais Fr - Beauty in the darkAnais Fr - Beauty in the darkAnais Fr - Beauty in the dark

Beauty in the dark

Anais Fr photographed by Jean-Michel Nguyen

EN → Anais topless on a black background with its oiled body to optimize the reflections and to highlight its natural beauty, very useful for an agency model.

FR → Anais dans une série sur fond noir avec en topless avec son corps huilé pour optimiser les reflets et pour mettre en avant sa beauté naturelle, très utile pour un modèle d'agence.

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Minh Ly - EffervescenceMinh Ly - EffervescenceMinh Ly - Effervescence


Minh Ly photographed by Jean-Michel Nguyen

Minh Ly (pronounced Meenlee), is a professional model posing for photographers, artists, videographers, make-up artists, hairstylists, designers and brands, to do printed work, advertising, exhibitions, publications, commercials, portfolio and workshops.
She did us the honor of posing for our Effervescence project between two world wide trips

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Jenny B - Mannequin BodyJenny B - Mannequin BodyJenny B - Mannequin Body

Mannequin Body

Jenny B photographed by Tommy Lee Eon

Beautiful Czech mannequin Jenny B in a body close up in classic black and white photographies,
Black and white photographies always reveals the beauty of the mannequin.

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Lou Secains - Black BathLou Secains - Black BathLou Secains - Black Bath

Black Bath

Lou Secains photographed by Jean-Michel Nguyen

Beautiful redead model Lou who enjoy to partipate to Jean-Michel project Black Bath with beautiful colors reflected on the swirling water,
The photos in this editorial contributed to the creation of his book Black-Bath which can be found here:

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Anais Fr - Nude lingerieAnais Fr - Nude lingerieAnais Fr - Nude lingerie

Nude lingerie

Anais Fr photographed by Tom Stark

Anais Fr, french mannequin, presents sheer lingerie with her topless body under the blur lights and effets, so dreamy.
It's a real pleasure to be able to shoot models like Anais Fr.

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Margot - Autumn leavesMargot - Autumn leavesMargot - Autumn leaves

Autumn leaves

Margot photographed by XStyleBeauties

Lovely blond model Margot in 'Autumn Leaves' editorial with dreamy photographies with this innocent girl, such as a teen.
It is a real pleasure to be able to make a photo session with this model well known in France.

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Margot - Red FashionMargot - Red FashionMargot - Red Fashion

Red Fashion

Margot photographed by Workshop Nu & Beauté

Stunning blond model Margot in Red Fashion editorial where everything is red:
backdrop, shoes, umbrella, suit case, except her naked body with pale skin.
The red on red theme highlights the beauty of the models' natural bodies.

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Madji - OmbrageMadji - OmbrageMadji - Ombrage


Madji photographed by Jean-Michel Nguyen

Madji is a young Parisian full of life, she likes to go out to party, participate in fashion shows.
She loves fashion in all its forms and Paris is the right place for that, and she loves also photographies.

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