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Photographer based in Paris.

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My contributions to Tommy Magazine
I have participated, as Photographer, to the following editorials:

collection Lingerie
Cover Claudio Pari - Afternoon TimeCover Claudio Pari - A Touch Of Everything

collection Black & White
Cover Claudio Pari - Night of WonderCover Claudio Pari - Beauty SacrificeCover Claudio Pari - TogetherCover Claudio Pari - Mystery Of ShadowsCover Claudio Pari - Magic Woman

collection Indoor
Cover Claudio Pari - Passion GameCover Claudio Pari - A Touch of EverythingCover Claudio Pari - Light of passionCover Claudio Pari - Feeling The BreathCover Claudio Pari - Sensual TimeCover Claudio Pari - White and RedCover Claudio Pari - Seduction TimeCover Claudio Pari - Magic RedCover Claudio Pari - Beauty timeCover Claudio Pari - Magic LightsCover Claudio Pari - My nights of wonderCover Claudio Pari - Afternoon in ParisCover Claudio Pari - Looking For The SunCover Claudio Pari - Wondering The Night

collection Outdoor
Cover Claudio Pari - A Morning Walk In Paris

collection Torrid
Cover Claudio Pari - Magic TimeCover Claudio Pari - Black and RedCover Claudio Pari - Afternoon with youCover Claudio Pari - A Life In Red

collection Tattoo
Cover Claudio Pari - Painting The SkyCover Claudio Pari - Passion of a nightCover Claudio Pari - Fragrance Of Time

I have also participated, as photographer, to the following issues:
Cover Claudio Pari, Denis Lede, Femmesiren, Foto Krea Fie, Gsphotoalbum, Luis J.O., Maurizio Scanu - Issue 4Cover Franck Gangemi, Claudio Pari, Luis J.O., Blake, Michele Ilmic, Jeff Linett, Julien Theuil, Joachim, Twisted Kilt, Roberto Roto - Issue 3

I have also participated, as photographer, to the following books:
Cover Claudio Pari - Looking For BeautyCover Claudio Pari - Looking For BeautyCover Claudio Pari - Looking For Beauty

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"Into the blue with beautiful @__s.asha____"
"Looking for beauty… lovely @zu_zakova and many lovely women. Thank a lot @tommymagazine for the issue of a wonderful book"
"Intense light of wonder @amandinemodelegance"
"From a window in Paris"
"Painting the sky … lovely @korniichuk_sofiia thanks to @tommymagazine for the great issue"
"Parisian sunset"
"My regard…. Lovely @__s.asha____"
"Towards the Parisian sky"
"Details of beauty …. beautiful @sia.kravchuk"

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