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      Downtime In a New City      

Angels and Drifters

Erin Divine
city Raleigh - United States
model Erin Divine
Erin Divine
photographer Angels and Drifters
Angels and Drifters

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What happend when Erin just got to a rental apartment in a new city and began unwinding as she got home.

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About 🙎Erin Divine
💃🏻 Model + Content Creator
📍Chattanooga, TN
🌱 Plant-Based

What Erin Divine 'says' on Instagram:
"Starting to get some shots back from the amazing @dollhouselv event in Las Vegas! Photographer @alluring___pixels Location @thedollhouselv Host @mzlee702 @themodelprojectevents @brentallenphoto @sarenabanks"
"Whew that was the longest tour I have done in a while to Kentucky, Ohio, Baltimore in Philadelphia! So happy to be heading back to Chattanooga now 🙂 . Photog: @photosforad"
"Thinking about my next trip to Dallas and Oklahoma City, DM me if you’d want to shoot in September! . Photog: @ctigerstudio"
"Good things come to those… who book flights ✈️😉 . Speaking of booking flights, I’ll be heading go Las Vegas August 28-31. I have some availability on the 30th and 31st so if you’d like to shoot, send me a DM! . This photo is CENSORED to fully comply with Instagram’s community guidelines. . Photog: @photosforad"
"“White can be a color palette too” . Model @erinthedivine Photographer @mikemanzanophoto Location @thedollhouselv Host @mzlee702 @themodelprojectevents @brentallenphoto @sarenabanks"
"“All the beauty of life is made up of light and shadow” - Tolstoy . These images are CENSORED to comply with Instagram’s community guidelines. . Photog: @ctigerstudio"

About 📷Angels and Drifters
Beauty + Fashion + Creativity
Countering artistic suppression & Capturing personalities.
Published in Fuse, Rekt, Boudoir Inspiration etc. DM if you ❤️ editorials

What Angels and Drifters 'says' on Instagram:
"“She is the Judge” @champion couldn’t have picked a better model than @gracieliaa. Worked with her early in her career and knew she was going places!"
"“Concrete Angel” This one is ancient and my work is always evolving but sometimes it’s fun to look back at those hazy memories, n’est pas? . . . #modelshoot #blondehair #canon5dmarkiv #canon85mm12 # studio lighting #onelightshoot #furisdead #vape #vapenation"
"“Yes Way, Rosé” two more from this set with @erinthedivine and @nart_magazine. The premise was that Erin was going to go out on the town but just got into the rosé and cake and it was all she wrote :) Be good and stay safe my friends. . . . . . #rosé #cake #cakelover #winelover #outonthetown #partyfood #partyvibe #partyathome #canon #editorial #editorialportrait #editorial #editorialphotography"
"“Yes Way, Rosé” A few more from this editorial with the incredible talent @erinthedivine See @nart_magazine for the full set which includes rosé and white chocolate cake :) And I have a total newfound appreciation for how d*!#% complex body jewelry is. 🌹 🍷 🎂 . . . . . . #lingeriemodel #lingerie #photoart #photoeditorial #editorialportrait #editorial #photostorytelling #highkeyphotography #sunglasses #rosé #rosegold #goldharness #bodyharness #bodyjewelery"
"“yesterday’s just a memory” going back to an epic shoot with the talented @willavanillaaa in a haunted location no less. One of the fan blades flew off the ceiling fan during the shoot. For real ;)⁉️ . . . . . . . . #lingeiriesexy #lingerie #natualbeauty #natualmakeup #naturallight #haunted #modeling #modellife #modelshoot #nightgown #blackandwhitephotography #bnw #bnwphotography #bnwmood #creativesofcarolina #portraitphotography #portraitart #portraitlighting #canon5dmarkiv"
"They know not if it’s dark outside or light. @magynkennedy embodies, this duality here. I really wanted to capture that raw, dark, powerfully beautiful nature. What a joy to work with such a talent. We’ve got some exciting news from this shoot that we’ll be able to share in a few weeks. Be good, my friends. . . . . . . . #bw #bwphotography #bwmood #blackandwhitephotography #bwportraits #bwportraitphotography #portraitstream #moodygrams #naturallightphotography #naturallightportrait"
"“When in France do as the French do” From a wonderful afternoon shoot with the ubertalented @msdakotalee with thanks to @ivey.artistry who lent us her studio 🙏🤙"
"“Yes Way, Rosé” Wanted to share this one with you all for a while but had to keep it under wraps. But no longer! @erinthedivine magic happened during this shoot from last year. Incredibly talented she perfectly executed on this vision. I’ll share a few here but many more at @nart_magazine (also wonderful to work with). Many thanks 🙏 . . . . . . . . #highheels #highkey #artpublication #artnude #modelshoot #canonphotography #editorialphotography #editorialmakeup #editorialfashion"
"“Bring your secrets” We all have a light and dark nature, maybe that’s why I love black and white photography after all. With the lovely @jazharward . . . . . . . #blackandwhite #bnwmood #bnwphoto #bnwportrait #portraitkillers #portraitphotography #sheer #sheertop #modelshoot #modelling #modellife #sheerstyle #naturallight #blackandwhiteisworththefight #blackandwhite_perfection #bnwzone #bnw_photography #creativesofcarolina #studioshoot"
"“so far away from where you are” One of the best things about portrait photography is capturing a personality or quirk. @ruhrohreah used to do this pose when I would dial in my lighting and honestly I was focused on camera settings and wasn’t paying any attention to her. Found this little gem when I was looking at images weeks later :) . . . . #canonusa #model #modelagency #modelshoot #agencylife #oksign #fashionphotographer #blackdresses #littleblackdress"

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