Tommy Magazine is an independant nude magazine like no other,
built by photographers and models for photographers, models and their fans.

1. Build and publish nice editorials

Our 1st objective is to build and publish nice individual nude editorials, issues and books
with photographies submitted by talented photographers with beautiful models.
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2. Improve visibility and traffic

Our 2nd objective is to improve the visibility and traffic of the websites of our photographers and models
by benefiting from free 'dofollow' backlinks to their websites.
Most of other sites offer 'no-follow' backlinks that are useless in terms of SEO (Search Optimization Engine).
Doing this improve their performance in search engines such as
google, bing, yahoo, baidu, yandex, qwant, ecosia, duckduckgo, etc..
google search engines

For photographers and models who already have Patreon, Mym.fans or Onlyfans,
patreon mym onlyfans
we can bring you additional traffic with our links to your sites.

3. Sell and share revenues

Our 3th objective is to sell and share revenues with photographers and models.
The revenues, are shared equally 1/3 to photographer(s) , 1/3 to model(s) and 1/3 to Tommy magazine.
The payment is performed every quarter if the revenue for the photographer or the model is over 30 USD

Thanks to the fans for supporting our photographers and models by purchasing their editorials and books.

If you agree with our objectives ✔️
feel free to submit photos here
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You are a beautiful model, ask your photographers to submit your soft nude photos to Tommy Magazine,
as most of time, they own the HD pics.


You are a talented photographer with a taste for aesthetics and an assertive style,
and you wish to contribute to Tommy Magazine ?

Photographies & Formats

If you have enough various soft nude photos to build a 20+ pages editorial,

1 square photo produces 1 page
1 portrait photo produces 1 page
1 landscape photo produces 2 pages

Example: 6 portraits + 7 landscapes produce 20 pages

Please respect the following formats:
supported formats


Submit photos with different framing, different viewing angles and with a mix of portrait and landscape photos
When several photos look alike, submit only the best photo (s)
Submit only photos of the requested dimensions (or close)
Do not submit hundreds of photos, on the best ones


Send a package with
- Photos in sRGB jpg without watermark and logo
- A text file named credits.txt that contains:
1. Title: The title of the editorial (UNCHANGEABLE)
2. Description: the description of the editorial in your native language
3. Location: The location of the photo shoot (town, region, country, etc..)
4. Credits: The name, TO BE USED AND UNCHANGEABLE, of the photographers and the models
5. Photographer's and model's e-mail addresses
6. The agreement between models and photographers that tells that the photos can be edited, published and sold by Tommy Magazine
7. Photographer's and model's web sites and link to social networks

For convenience, please send us your photos via WeTransfer or equivalent to.


By contributing to this site,
you confirm to have the rights of diffusion and sale of the photos,
in accordance with the models shown in the photos.


If your photos meet our quality and beauty standards,
we will have the pleasure of working together for the publication of an editorial.

How much does it cost ?

It doesn't cost anything..

Can I earn money ?

Yes, you may earn money or not..
In the event that your editorials sell, we share the profits with you.
The profits are fairly shared between the photographers, the models and the magazine.

Your income therefore depends on the number of sales that your editorials will generate.
To have a better chance of selling, you can promote links to your publications.

Thank you

Tommy Timeless Nude Art Magazine World Wide
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Thank You

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