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I am Luis Juan Oscar, luis_j.o._ph on instagram,.
photographer full of passion and dedication for photography..
I started as a self-taught about 3 years ago,.
but the desire to be able to exalt the beauty and.
femininity of the woman has always taken a turn,.
always in a delicate way..
I try and hope to always transmit something..
Thank you.

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My contributions to Tommy Magazine
I have participated, as photographer, to the following editorials:

collection Black & White
Cover Luis J.O. - BnW Window Beauty

collection Studio
Cover Luis J.O. - Pink Diamond

collection In Bed
Cover Luis J.O. - Dreaming On Him

collection Nature
Cover Luis J.O. - Source In The Woods

collection Beach
Cover Luis J.O. - Po River Sunset

collection Torrid
Cover Luis J.O. - Waternberg Wheel

I have also participated, as photographer, to the following issues:
Cover Claudio Pari, Denis Lede, Femmesiren, Foto Krea Fie, Gsphotoalbum, Luis J.O., Maurizio Scanu - Issue 4Cover Franck Gangemi, Claudio Pari, Luis J.O., Blake, Michele Ilmic, Jeff Linett, Julien Theuil, Joachim, Twisted Kilt, Roberto Roto - Issue 3

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