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Toronto - Canada

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Creating poetry with her body Black and white photographies
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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model Phylactere Phylactere Model's activities on social networks:

"When the characters gets out of their paintings and hang out on the sofa before the city wakes up… In frame with Aurora, captured by @stefd.insta Second frame is an animation I love called the king and the bird 👑 that this photo somehow reminded me of (that specific sections where the characters get out of the frame ✨) . . #thekindandthebird #caracters #comicart #comicbookart #animation #animationart"
"📸 @jerry.meland #fineartphotography"
"After some splashing of colours from yesterday’s post, a classic black and white filled with emotion captured by @arholmesphoto #blackandwhitephoto #blackandwhitemystery #bodylanguage #fineartphotography"
"Taking a few days off social media. The opportunity for you to read my interview for @neverapartmtl Magazine about @stefd.insta and the amazing inspiring visual work he’s been doing these past 6 years mostly (link in bio!). Proud to have been part of his journey, for all the amazing photos we have been creating since then 🧡 Happy to be part of"
"Did you know that the way someone looks at you can be destructive or therapeutic, especially when it’s repeated over time? I thinks it’s why so many art models are doing this job. It is — among other aspects — a way to repair a perception that has been broken along the way. Portraits of a woman seen with love respect and appreciation by another woman. @kanokano_o working her magic ✨❄️ #womenbywomen #girlgaze #femalegaze #theraputicgaze #mybodymychoice #arttherapy"
"Black and white portrait for today’s evening post / captured by @johoulefoto during @atelier_phylactere . . #blackandwhiteportrait"
"Number 1 or 2?? Really hard to pick :) From my last photo event @atelier_phylactere - photo and post prod by @stefd.insta 🎨 #photoevent #photoworkshops #bodypainting #fineartphotography #bodycanvas #mybodymyart #bodyart #jacksonpollockinspired #jacksonpollock #canvasart #sundaymood☀️"
"Canvas, on a canvas, on a canvas … repeat … things are nothing per se. It’s it’s all a matter of perception. Photo @stefd.insta #canvas #canvaspainting #canvasbackdrops #canvasart #fineartphotography"
"Had the chance to photograph these two beautiful human beings and creative souls last week 🖤🤍 In frame @modeladventurer @claracloutier Photo @phylactere_ontheroad"
"Had to share this one… my friend @stefd.insta is browsing through our old photo shoots - this one was 2018 collaboration with @claracloutier . @stefd.insta has the amazing capacity to find gems and reveal beauty, being in human beings or in nature . He’s been my friend since 2015, when we started collaborating together. Never left each other’s side since then. He’s my best travel and artistic buddy, my confident and probably my soulmate after all! Haha. Happy birthday @stefd.insta I love you so much! 🐸 . . #gems #gemsandminerals #soulmate #soulmatelove #fineartphotography #fineartnude"
"Exploratory session with @stefd.insta #seethrough #wildflower"
"Creative exploration for a workshop I have put together a few weeks ago @atelier_phylactere it’s always fantastic to see, from the same scene, what each photographer come up with and how they give their own interpretation. This amazing shot by @canot_rouge 🎨"

photographer Gsphotoalbum Gsphotoalbum Photographer's activities on social networks:

"Fiona on the Bridge. I processed these in both B&W and Colour and can’t decide which one I like better. What’s your preference? Model: @fionaspoils"
"Ellen by the Creek Model: @ellen.glas . . Check my links for more pictures from this shoot."
"Forest Nymph with @kasey.odayin . . More from this set at"
"Fiona on the Bridge. I processed these in both B&W and Colour and can’t decide which one I like better. What’s your preference? Model: @fionaspoils"
"Dani by the Brook Model: @daniportfoliox2"
"Despair. Model: @frejadane . . More from this set at"
"Lazy Afternoon @kanvuss / @kanvus_sgh published in @stylecruze magazine"
"Vittoria in the Forest Model: @majesticbeanpole More from this set at"
"Car Trouble - Part 3 of 3 Model: @bar_belle_bev"

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