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N As Naked

Volume 1
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Author: Jean-Michel Nguyen
Models: Aleksa, Angy J, Aurore, Elisa G, Floryane, Orokia, Paloma A

EN → N as Naked is a book that revolves around a minimalist theme: letters available to models, representing them best.
The photographer leaves the models free to pose as they want and create the atmosphere that suits her.
The interesting idea and follow the expressions created by all the models who participated in this nude project.

FR → N as Naked (N Comme Nu) est un livre qui tourne autour d'un thème minimaliste: des lettres à disposition des modèles, les représentant au mieux.
Le photographe laisse les modèles libre de poser comme elles veulent et de créer l'atmosphère qui lui convient.
L'idée intéressante et de suivre les expressions créées par toutes les modèles qui ont participé ce projet.


model Aleksa
model  Angy J
Angy J
model  Aurore
model  Elisa G
Elisa G
model  Floryane
model  Orokia
model  Paloma A
Paloma A


photographer Jean-Michel Nguyen
Jean-Michel Nguyen

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They are dancer, model, actress, teachers, they are young and beautiful and they posed for N As Naked project.
Thank you to all the girls who made this nude project a great success.

Aleksa is a very famous Czech model, she posed for the biggest nude magazines in the world.
Very flexible after years of training as a gymnast, she is also a stunning model.

Angy J
Angy J is a good chic good kind girl who comes from the city of Strasbourg, in the east of France.
Always ready to travel long distances for original nude photo projects. Thanks to her.

Young red-haired model, Aurore likes original nude photo projects. She immediately said yes for a project like N As Naked.
She choose the letter N as Nude, N as Naked

Elisa G
Elisa G is a model that comes to us from the beautiful pink city of Toulouse.
She is a student and she loves nature, and of course she also likes original nude projects such as N As Naked.

Floryane is a circus artist, spitting fire, she is also comfortable with a hoop as well as with aerial fabric.
She also loves taking pictures and found herself naturally in the N As Naked project.

Orokia is a pretty model who comes to us from the Bahamas.
With a chance to visit french metropolis, she made a jump to the studio of photographer Jean-Michel Nguyen to inscribe her name in this work.

Paloma A
Paloma A is a portrait photographer who comes to us from Melbourne, Australia.
Paloma is also a Freelance model. During a visit to Paris, she posed for N As Naked.

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Aleksa, Angy J, Aurore, Elisa G, Floryane, Orokia, Paloma A - N As Naked book

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