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Jeux d'Ô

Volume 1
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Author: Jean-Michel Nguyen
Models: Amandine P, Elvan, Asia, Clementine V, Floryane, Kim M, Anais P, Margaux A, Laetitia G

EN → Jeux d'Ô is a very colorful book nude project that lets the models return to their childhood.
Water and toys, everything you need to keep the kids entertained.
Except that of course we did with naked adult models, we added masks, glasses, water pistols
and especially buoys in case the models had problems in 15 cm of water, we are not joking with the security :)

FR → Jeux d'Ô est un projet de livre très coloré qui laisse les modèles retourner à leur enfance.
De l'eau et des jouets, tout ce qu'il faut pour que les enfants s'amusent.
Sauf qu'on a biensûr fait avec des modèles nus adultes, on a ajouté des masques, des lunettes,
des pistolets à eau et surtout des bouées au cas où les modèles auraient des problèmes dans 15 cm d'eau, on ne plaisante pas avec la sécurité :)


model Amandine P
Amandine P
model  Elvan
model  Asia
model  Clementine V
Clementine V
model  Floryane
model  Kim M
Kim M
model  Anais P
Anais P
model  Margaux A
Margaux A
model  Laetitia G
Laetitia G


photographer Jean-Michel Nguyen
Jean-Michel Nguyen

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They are dancer, model, actress, coach, teachers, they are young and beautiful and they posed for Jeux d'Ô nude project.
Thank you to all the girls who had fun and made this nude project a success.

Amandine P
Amandine P is a nice dancer and model, she had fun with the water games offered.

Elvan is a young model, not used to this type of shoot, but she had a blast very quickly.

Asia is an actress, she quickly invested in her role as captain. A captain we would like to meet more often.

Clementine V
Clementine V is a dance teacher in Paris, specially from bachata. Dynamic, young and beautiful, she also takes part in fashion shows during fahion weeks.

Floryane is a circus artist, trapeze artist, fire eater, juggler, nothing scares her, especially not a little water and toys.

Kim M
Kim M is a model that poses a lot for artistic nudeprojects. On this nude project, we dressed her up a bit with colored plastic balls.

Anais P
Anais P. is a petite model who like quirky artistic nude projects. This is exactly the theme of the Jex d'Ô nude project, she gave herself to heart, especially with the green frog.

Margaux A
Margaux A is a model and haute couture stylist, for a trial in an offbeat artistic nude project, she brilliantly passed her exam, for our greatest pleasure.

Laetitia G
Laetitia G is a model from Spain. Water, she knows and feels comfortable there. We can see her big smile and her joy to pose nude for Jeux d'Ô.

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Amandine P, Elvan, Asia, Clementine V, Floryane, Kim M, Anais P, Margaux A, Laetitia G - Jeux d

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