Purple Chair      

Muirina Fae - Purple Chair cover - Tommy Nude Art Magazine

Muirina Fae
Toronto - Canada

model Muirina Fae
Muirina Fae
photographer Gsphotoalbum

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Muirina nude on the Purple Chair in fashion style
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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purple sofa
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model Muirina Fae Muirina Fae Model's activities on social networks:

"Remote shoot with @faemuirina Vancouver B.C to Seattle Uncensored on Twitter (link in bio) #fineart #artnude #fineartmodel #remotephotography #remoteshoot #seattlephotographer #reflection #reflections"
"Remote shot by @donaldseye in the new studio space I have available. New telephoto lens looks great, and I love the natural light in the space. Dm me to discuss a booking!"
"Great portrait shot remotely by @donaldseye in the new studio space I have available to me. All natural light, white background. Big enough space to shoot with my projector too, dm me to discuss setting up a remote shoot ☺️"
"Still offering remote shoots in this beautiful studio location! Photo shot remotely by @darwinimages dm me for more info ☺️"
"Did you hear @artifice.clothing had their account deleted? Let’s help them out, show them some love, they make absolutely gorgeous corsets and pvc fashion items, you will love their content! Photo by Neat Picture."
"Wow what a month October was! We’re you following my Halloween challenge on my backup account @muirinafae2 ? Can’t believe I managed to do 30 costumes through October 😳 this shot was photographed remotely by @darwinimages at the new studio space I have available to me, and I’ve got some new lenses to play with too! Send me a dm to discuss organizing our own remote shoot. It’s a great way to get creative with minimal preparation for the photographer - perfect during the busy holiday season if you need to relax with some creativity :)"
"Final shot from this awesome remotely shot set by @donaldseye, available for remote shoots throughout December and January! Touring will start again in February, sign up to my newsletter to have the most up to date info on my travel schedule (link in bio)"
"Happy Birthday @faemuirina 🎉🎉🎉🎉"
"Remotely shot by @darwinimages at the new studio location. Perfect for dance shoots and projector shoots with lots of space, dm me for more info on remote shoots!"
"Have you followed @artifice.clothing yet? Their account got deleted, and I know you’re going to love their content and their fashion items! Photo by Neat Picture."
"Very excited to be shooting at the new studio space available to me, who’s booking for a remote shoot? So much space available for doing projection shoots and natural light shoots. This gorgeous shot by @jlstudios ☺️"
"Last of this set by Neat Picture featuring amazing @artifice.clothing glow in the dark lace bra, corset and panty. Make sure you follow their page, they have awesome stuff ☺️"

photographer Gsphotoalbum Gsphotoalbum Photographer's activities on social networks:

"Bales of Hay. @frejadane published in @vigourmagazine November 2021"
"Rain Shower. @bar_belle_bev published in @xanymag October 2021"
"A Liberating Feeling. @majesticbeanpole published in @vigourmagazine November 2021"
"Bales of Hay. @frejadane published in @vigourmagazine November 2021"
"Bales of Hay. @frejadane published in @vigourmagazine November 2021"
"A Liberating Feeling. @majesticbeanpole published in @vigourmagazine November 2021"
"A Stroll in the Forest with @philotes.freya"
"A Stroll in the Forest with @philotes.freya"
"A Stroll in the Forest with @philotes.freya"
"Rain Shower. @bar_belle_bev published in @xanymag October 2021"
"A Liberating Feeling. @majesticbeanpole published in @vigourmagazine November 2021"
"Rain Shower. @bar_belle_bev published in @xanymag October 2021"

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