Night And Day      

Olivier Parent
Angie Rocks - Night And Day cover - Tommy Nude Art Magazine

Angie Rocks
Le kremlin bicetre - France

model Angie Rocks
Angie Rocks
photographer Olivier Parent
Olivier Parent

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Angie Rocks - Night And Day perspective covers - Tommy Nude Art Magazine

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Angie, a young french asian girl who can be as wise as she is hot,
as this series with the master of light Olivier Parent proves,
produced in the studio OKBStudio at the Kremlin-Bicetre in France.

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model Angie Rocks Angie Rocks Model's activities on social networks:

"New Normal Jack Stauber Sunrise It's time, it's time Step out into the New Normal Embrace the day with you new shame Goodbye to those who cannot join us Their voices are still heard in every word that we say As we blend into New Normal"
"Le fantôme Louise Ackermann D’un souffle printanier l’air tout à coup s’embaume. Dans notre obscur lointain un spectre s’est dressé, Et nous reconnaissons notre propre fantôme Dans cette ombre qui sort des brumes du passé."
"A Forest The Cure Come closer and see See into the trees Find the girl While you can Come closer and see See into the dark Just follow your eyes"
"Mad World Donnie Darko All around me are familiar faces Worn out places, worn out faces Bright and early for the daily races Going nowhere, going nowhere"
"Le Dormeur Du Val Arthur Rimbaud C'est un trou de verdure où chante une rivière, Accrochant follement aux herbes des haillons D'argent ; où le soleil, de la montagne fière, Luit : c'est un petit val qui mousse de rayons."
"Well, I'm your Venus. I'm your fire, at your desire"
"White Rabbit Jefferson Airplane One pill makes you larger And one pill makes you small, And the ones that mother gives you Don't do anything at all. Go ask Alice When she's ten feet tall."
"Nos pensées sont quelquefois très profondes. Il est bon d’entendre nos avis. Car nous sommes la beauté du monde, En ce matin de mai fleuri."
"Un air de Hopper, vous ne trouvez pas ?"

photographer Olivier Parent Olivier Parent Photographer's activities on social networks:

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