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Boulder, CO & Tulum, Mexico

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Cover Anoush Anou, Meghan Claire, Melia Josefina - Beauty in Utah

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"I am in the Oaxacan desert right now surrounded by these same beautiful trees! This lovely #fineartphoto was created in Southern California with photographer @deekayimages2 the morning after this epic Wizard of Oz style windstorm whipped through the desert. The only downside to being here in Mexico until May is that I miss modeling and creating new art with you all. I am so looking forward to the upcoming @utadventure Mexico tours in the Yucatan this March! It has been a long-time dream of mine to model amidst cenotes, jungles, Mayan ruins, pink flamingos, and the epic colors of southern Mexico. There are still some spaces left on the March Mexico tours, check out to register or DM me if you are thinking of joining us there! #fineart #artphoto #artmodel #artphotography #desertbeauty #naturalbeauty #photoadventure #joshuatrees #figureart #naturelover #nomad #bohohippie #nomadlife #travelingmodel #modelofotografica"
"“The caterpillar dies so the butterfly could be born. And, yet, the caterpillar lives in the butterfly and they are but one. So, when I die, it will be that I have been transformed from the caterpillar of the earth to the butterfly of the universe.” - John Harricharan Film photos by the marvelous @decarbonazul #filmphotography #colorfilm #filmisalive #filmphoto #naturalbeauty #whimsical #slotcanyon #fineart #artmodel #metamorphosis"
"Repost from @jonathancphotog Daughter of the sea @meghanclaireart #fineartphotography #naturallightphotography #oceanbeach #seashore #portraitphotography"
"Dreaming of creating art amidst tropical beaches, cenotes, Mayan ruins and colorful colonial haciendas? Come join us in the Yucatan of Mexico this March 16-21st or March 24-29th, 2022 with @artdecomodel, @venusdesierra and myself for a @utadventure tour to remember! Sign up soon (before Nov 2nd) to receive some awesome tour upgrades and bonuses for free. These tours have a great model to photographer ratio of 3 models and only 6 photographers, so get your space while its here and be sure to reach out and let me know personally if you will be joining us! (Update: The March 16-21st tour is nearly sold out!) For more information or to sign up, visit or go to @utadventure and click on the link in their bio ✨🌊🦋🐬🌴✨ Photo by @dlavrentyev under the blue skies. #yucatan #mexicotour #utadventure #phototour #tropicalparadise #fotoarte #fotografia #fotodeldía #travelingmodel #artmodel #travel"
"Invocation to the Cosmic Mother 
“Oh, Great Mother, divine feminine, birther of the cosmos, lover unto Spirit, Creatrix of all matter and queen of all worlds within worlds and those without, we call you to us in this hour.
We are your children; hear our call.
We are the daughters and sons of your divine union, the flesh of your passion for life. You who lay with Spirit, our Father, in the beginning of time, and brought us forth from the blessed union of Spirit and Matter, we are your children, the sons and daughters of your flesh and your heart, and we remember your touch and the fragrance of your essence, and we long for you.
Come to our hearts and gift us the remembering.
Come to our minds and open our genius.
Enlighten us with your presence.
Draw back the veils that we might see, and harken the doors to open, that beauty and ecstasy may live in our homes and hearts more fully. This is our hour of greatest need. We call you through fire and water, through earth and wind, through all that bears your name.
We call all your lineages and all your names. Come unto us. Come into us. So be it.“ - Judy Sion, The Magdalen Manuscript Film photography by the ever-creative @decarbonazul #invocation #cosmicmother #ceremony #prayer #surrealart #surrealism #desertbeauty #fabric #red #colorfilm #filmphotography #filmphoto #filmisalive"
"It’s a wind-blown kind of day. Film photos by the awesome @decarbonazul #filmisalive #bwfilm #windblown #sombrebeings #portraitmood #bnwmood #moodydays #pr0ject_soul"
"Announcing my last modeling trip of the year before I head south to Mexico for the winter (feeling those monarch butterfly migration vibes): ✨LA & Joshua Tree Oct 10-12th ~ One space left Photo by Eric Lowenberg, captured in Arizona this summer and censored for… hmm… well, puritan patriarchal values. And I will stop there, because some days censoring my body and art so that I can use this platform is very triggering for me. #bayareamodel #bayareaphotographer #artmodel #figureart #fineartphotography #naturalbeauty #bodyfreedom #bodyisatemple #bodyisart"
"One of my most favorite aspects of being on tour are the connections and collaborations made with other creatives. I am in love with this portrait created on our @utadventure mini tour last summer with the amazing human and insightful photographer @imagesunderfoot. #portrait #portraitphotography #bnw #bnwphoto #emotive #emotiveart #portraitmood #portraitvision #naturalbeauty #utadventure"
"On this most sacred time of year, I honor the gifts of the Dark Goddess that are waiting to be received. I honor my wild feminine nature. I honor the dark mysteries of the earth as her soil grows rich with leaf mulch from autumn’s once golden leaves. I honor my ancestors and call upon their wisdom to guide me through the underworld initiations of my life. I honor the silver moon that is waning into darkness in the night sky, and I harmonize my energies with her rhythmic call to solitude, release and reflection. Samhain. Dia de los Muertos. The Witches’ New Year. The energies present for this time of year are dark in the northern world, yet potent and rich with possibilities for those willing to look for the gifts hiding in the shadows. This is the energy of deep silence and stillness, of releasing our fears, of bringing our shadows into the light of awareness, of dancing with our dark desires, of embracing our wild primordial nature, and of allowing that which is ready to die within us to be shed like autumn’s leaves and transformed into new soil. Go bravely and with reverence into the darkness, for her teachings run deep like tree roots in an old-growth forest and her gifts are like the gems hidden deep within a moist cave. This portrait was taken 10 years ago (!) by @davidmurcko, whom I just had the pleasure of working with again today on Halloween… one whole decade later. Life is wild. #darkgoddess #darkbeauty #darkbeautymag #shadowwork #samhain #witchinghour #diadelosmuertos #sombrebeings #moodyportraits #portraitmood #darkaesthetic"
"I am excited to announce that my dear friend @anoushanou and I will be on tour together this June 1-6th, 2022 in Utah for @utadventure! This year they are offering smaller, more intimate tour experiences with just four photographers and two models. If you have never been on tour with them before, I highly recommend this as a soul-nourishing, highly creative, inspiring, and adventurous experience that I look forward to every year! There are also still a couple of spaces left for our second Mexico tour this spring, March 24-29th, with the amazing talents @artdecomodel and @venusdesierra and myself, come join us if you can for an experience to remember! If you are considering joining us in 2022 for either the Utah or Mexico tours, now is the time to register as UTadventure is offering a generous $500 discount on either of these tours for anyone who signs up from now through Monday the 29th! Please visit to register using the code MEGHAN22, or feel free to message me for more info. Photo by @dlavrentyev taken at one of my favorite locations on @utadventure this summer. Oh yeah, and it’s fully censored. #artmodel #phototours #photoadventure #utahbeauty #naturalbeauty #fineart #fineartphotography #figureart #photographylovers"
"Repost from @deekayimages2 First post from my first shoot with talented #artmodel @meghanclaireart, which was taken last month on a chilly, windy day in the California desert. #art #fineart #fineartphotography #artnude #fineartphoto #fineartnude #deekayimages2 #artisticnudemodel #nudeinnature #fitness #bandw #blackandwhite #monochrome #artisticnude #bnw"
"Sunflowers in autumn’s glow. Photos by George Allen. Censored and cropped for IG. #sunflowers #naturalglow #naturalbeauty #naturelove #portrait_vision #portrait #portraitperfection #portraitmood #preraphaelite #sacredsensuality"

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