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"t’s been a nice little break from shooting but I’m excited to be doing some shoots in Atlanta this weekend! Atlanta photogs hit me up if you want to shoot sometime (doesn’t have to be this weekend). . Photog: @443photo"
"I’m starting to make some serious moves for a return to Vegas in March! Who wants to shoot? 📸 . Photog: @oneshotcreative"
"I’ll be in New Orleans December 18-21. DM me to book a shoot! . Photog: @vincentpierce"
"Now booking in Atlanta, Nashville, and Birmingham - DM me to book a shoot for November and December! . Photog: @443photo"
"I’m missing Christmas already! 🎅 This season has been a tough one for me, but having my little Christmas tree and seeing neighbors’ light displays while walking my dog has helped to lift my spirits 🎄 And and got to get down to New Orleans to get these shots with @wernerlobert 🤶 Which one is your favorite?"
"When I took this photo I was complaining to the photographer that my back is too muscular from rock climbing and it doesn’t look feminine enough. 💪 I’ve gotten pretty good at using my angles to pose so that my arms look thinner and daintier (especially my forearms) and my back muscles aren’t tensed. Of course, I want to accept my body and the beauty of it as it is, including my strong back muscles that have helped carry me up so many incredible rocks. 🧗🏼‍♀️And I want to accept different kinds of beauty from the normative feminine ideal. But at the same time, it’s totally ok to want to change your body to be more the way you want it, even for purely aesthetic reasons. 💄 For instance, I have been doing some exercises and stretches to relieve the tension in my upper back which makes my neck look longer and more elegant, but it also just feels better, improves lymph drainage from the face, and I suspect might even give me more mobility and longer reach which is always a good thing for climbing. 🤸🏼‍♀️ I love when the things you do for one area of life benefit several others as well. I think that’s one way we collapse time when we are following our true heart’s desire. 🔮 You know where to find more from this set 💙 Photog: @wernerlobert"
"Dear autocorrect, that’s not what I was trying to say. I’m getting tired of your shirt. . Anyone out there sending embarrassingly unintelligible texts because of voice to text? 🙋🏼‍♀️ . Photog: @v.scottguy"
"Need a ride? 🛻🌵 . Photog: @images_by_marco"
"I’ve been taking a break touring and just staying at home in Chattanooga (aka my paradise) going climbing, doing more content creation, not constantly packing and unpacking from trips. It’s been nice 🙂 It really took me putting my foot down and saying “I’m not going anywhere!” This was kind of scary since photoshoots are still my main source of income. So far though, the universe has swung in behind me and supported my decision. As it always does. . If you’d like support me staying at home and creating, check the Lincoln B10 🥰 . Photog: @443photo"
"Happy Thanksgiving to those in the US! . Photog: @vincentpierce"
"I made a second Instagram account @theerindivine AND a Free Page at that site you can’t talk about here (Lincoln B10). 🔗 I have been wanting to post my more artistic work as well as some more personal life stuff, but I’ve created this very glamour-centric feed on IG over the past year. The style is heavily influenced by trying not to have my account deleted (in other words c3ns0rship). There are pros and obviously cons to this. A pro is that I rather like the way it looks, like there is a cohesive style to it. Con is that it is limiting in the way I get to express myself on this platform. I needed to make a backup account anyway, so the plan is to do the other one a little differently rather than it be a copy of this page. So go follow me over there! Photog: @vincentpierce"
"Merry Christmas 🎁🎄 I’ve opted out of visiting family again this year since I’ll be visiting on my way to NYC Jan 25-27. NYC photographers hit me up if you want to shoot! . Photog: @wernerlobert"

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