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Diana Sokolova - Under The Light

Diana Sokolova - Under The Light - CoverDiana Sokolova - Under The Light - Page 2Diana Sokolova - Under The Light - Page 3Diana Sokolova - Under The Light - Back cover

Diana Sokolova is a pretty blonde model from Ukraine.
She often poses for lucky photographers who are in Eastern Europe.
Fortunately, she also has the opportunity to travel to France
where she was able to do this nude and beauty session
under a light illuminating a painter's workshop

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Adelle B - Bubenec Factory

Adelle B - Bubenec Factory - CoverAdelle B - Bubenec Factory - Page 2Adelle B - Bubenec Factory - Page 3Adelle B - Bubenec Factory - Back cover

From antiquity rises a new czech star.. Adelle

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Lilly Angel - Ready To Travel

Lilly Angel - Ready To Travel - CoverLilly Angel - Ready To Travel - Page 2Lilly Angel - Ready To Travel - Page 3Lilly Angel - Ready To Travel - Back cover

Lilly is a singer, dancer and suicide girl,always ready to travel around the world, time to change and pose naked among the souvenirs brought back from the four corners of the world..

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Ally Zlatar - Glowing In Glasgow

Ally Zlatar - Glowing In Glasgow - CoverAlly Zlatar - Glowing In Glasgow - Page 2Ally Zlatar - Glowing In Glasgow - Page 3Ally Zlatar - Glowing In Glasgow - Back cover

The work was inspired by a poem that the model and photographer really enjoyed and wanted to explore creatively.

Open your eyes, take a moment

Fail to voice your own truth
Fail to hurl your midair

We are at your service
We are waiting for the

I wear your family around my neck
like enamel

Let’s all stand in our little square lawns now
Watch the clouds roll in

Shutter the windows
shut the doors
Stay quiet
stay down

And if no one helps you
I will

To your right, a green streak
of a meteorite

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Anastasia - Golden Hour

Anastasia - Golden Hour - CoverAnastasia - Golden Hour - Page 2Anastasia - Golden Hour - Page 3Anastasia - Golden Hour - Back cover

Metallic gold body tapes allow to unleash your creativity !
This is the case when the pretty model Anatasia met the talented makeup artist Keren Tejones,
it only remains for photographer Jean-Michel Nguyen to immortalize this creation under her studio lights.

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Kate Jones - Urbex Factory

Kate Jones - Urbex Factory - CoverKate Jones - Urbex Factory - Page 2Kate Jones - Urbex Factory - Page 3Kate Jones - Urbex Factory - Back cover

Urbex photography is done by climbing fences, climbing walls and digging underground to photograph modern ruins.
The photographer Stanzeflasher found this abandoned factory inaccessible from the Czech Republic to do a nude workshop with the beautiful model Kate Jones.
It's another great way to bring back memories of Prague.

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Mico - Tokyo Hotel

Mico - Tokyo Hotel - CoverMico - Tokyo Hotel - Page 2Mico - Tokyo Hotel - Page 3Mico - Tokyo Hotel - Back cover

This is one of the most amazing sessions I've ever made.
We scheduled with Mico via Instagram.
She just came to the hotel,
she did a fantastic job within 2 hours time,
singing and dancing all the time.
And in the same way she came, she left.
You can see the results.

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