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Irene K

︎reine. Vixen🥀
Born to be free.

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My contributions to Tommy Magazine
I have contributed, as model, to the following issues, books and collections of single editorials:

Cover Irene K - Source In The WoodsBack cover Irene K - Source In The WoodsBack cover Irene K - Source In The Woods

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About Irene K
︎reine. Vixen🥀
Born to be free.

Irene K's activities on Instagram:
"Ph: @alessandro_fabiano Event: @juliettejulie_"
"✨@riccardomazziphoto Event: @juliettejulie_"
"Quanto vale la realtà e quanto costa mentire? . @riccardomazziphoto . @juliettejulie_"
"Io so che nel buio ci si può perdonare. Ph: Alessandro Fabiano Event: @juliettejulie_"
"Worry about yourself, baby, I ll be good @riccardomazziphoto @juliettejulie_"
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"Codice sconto: IRENEKACCIAI(18%off). @juicici.official #giftedby"
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